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Best Waterproof Sealer For Concrete Surfaces

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The risk of water/moisture damage on concrete surfaces is a constant threat in the commercial setting. In order to prevent moisture damage and to avoid the expense that is water damage restoration, commercial entities need to invest in the right type of waterproofing sealers for concrete surfaces around the premises.

Understanding the available types of waterproof concrete sealers is essential in making the right choice of sealer. Here is a comparison of various types of concrete waterproofing sealers for commercial entities looking to fight moisture damage within their premises.  

Penetrative Concrete Sealers

True to their name, penetrative waterproof sealers penetrate through the concrete surface to react within its capillaries so as to prevent the penetration of moisture into the concrete. Examples of penetrative waterproof sealers for concrete include silicates and siloxanes.

Penetrative sealers are most suitable for use on external concrete surfaces that are exposed to the risk of freeze-and-thaw action and the action of corrosive elements. Among other reasons, penetrative waterproof sealers are preferred for the fact that they protect against water damage without altering the appearance of the concrete surface.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylics are also used to for commercial waterproofing of concrete surfaces. Application of acrylic waterproof sealers results in the formation of a nearly-invisible protective film on the concrete surface. The protective film acts a physical barrier that prevents penetration of water/moisture into the concrete surface.

Acrylic sealers are suitable for use on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces within the commercial premises. Among other reasons, acrylic waterproof sealers are preferred for their ease of application and for the fact that they dry almost within no time.

Acrylic sealers come as solvent or water-based solutions, with the former being preferred for external use.

Epoxy Waterproof Sealers

It would not be appropriate to conclude a discussion on waterproofing sealers for concrete without mentioning epoxies. Epoxies prevent moisture penetration on concrete surfaces by forming a high-performance barrier film. Epoxy waterproof sealers are either clear or pigmented (for additional colour). They are often preferred over other waterproofing sealers for the highly attractive gloss finish that they create on concrete surfaces.

Polyurethane Sealers

Polyurethane sealers are preferred for waterproofing of concrete surfaces for various reasons.  For one, their application often results in the formation of a protective layer that has superior chemical and abrasion-resistance. In addition to protecting the concrete surface against moisture damage, polyurethane sealers are also used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of stamped concrete surfaces.

For more information about your options, contact a local commercial waterproofing company.