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Three ways to ensure your decorating project goes smoothly

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The idea of transforming a drab-looking space into one which is ideally suited to your aesthetic tastes and everyday requirements is an exciting prospect. However, decorating can be quite a stressful process; making decisions about colours, lighting, fabrics and flooring, hiring a decorating team and trying to carry on with your daily routine when your home is in disarray can agitate even the most laid-back of people. Here are some steps you can take to ensure this experience goes off without a hitch.

Prioritise planning

Failing to do enough research and preparation before you begin decorating will invariably lead to headaches later down the line. Impulsive decisions can be disastrous in this context; purchasing flooring or fabrics simply because you like the look of them, but that end up being highly impractical or clashing with existing decor could result in significant additional expenses and delays if you have to replace them midway through the project. As such, it really is vital to devote plenty of time to considering what type of colours, textures, fabrics and materials will work with the design of your home, from both a visual and functional perspective.

Communicate with your decorating team

Many people who wish to give their homes a makeover opt to hire painters and decorators for their project, as these professionals have the expertise necessary to do the job to an extremely high standard. If you decide to enlist their help, however, it is essential that you are clear about your requirements and expectations from the very beginning; a lack of communication during the initial stages may lead to misunderstandings after the project is underway.

Make sure that you agree upon a time-frame which is realistic not only for you but also for them. You might - understandably - want the work finished as quickly as possible, but if they tell you that it cannot be done properly with such a tight deadline, listen to their advice.

During your consultation, it's also important to confirm what paint finishes you want in each room and whether they will need you to prepare the space before they arrive (it might be necessary to remove or cover your furniture or lay down plastic sheeting on the floors, for example.) Clarifying all of these details before the painters and decorators arrive will reduce the chances of any issues arising later on. Contact a company like Allure Painting Services for more info about how the process might go.

Take steps to make the space usable

One of the biggest sources of stress during a project of this kind is the disorder that this process creates; in addition to people traipsing in and out of your home all day and decorating supplies being strewn all over the floors, tables and counters, there is usually a distinct lack of places to sit, eat and relax.

One way to make this experience a little less stressful is to clear away unnecessary debris each day. This task is best done in the evenings after the painters and decorators have left, as attempting to tidy whilst they are there will only serve to slow them down and prolong the process. Spending just 20 minutes every night throwing out scraps of wallpaper, sweeping up dust and wiping down the surfaces will help to add a bit of order to the chaos. Moreover, it will make the big clean-up at the end of the project far less daunting.

It's also a good idea to create a temporary living space - it might have to be a spare bedroom or even the conservatory - where you can carry out everyday tasks without being interrupted. For instance, if you're having the kitchen decorated, you may want to consider bringing the microwave, kettle and the fridge into your makeshift living area, so that you can at least prepare a meal or enjoy a cup of coffee when you're at home.