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Four Tips for Keeping Your House Warmer by Redecorating

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When temperatures drop rapidly signaling the onset of the winter season, your home is the best refuge. If it is also freezing inside your house, the last thing you want to hear is forecast reports predicting that the weather conditions will get worse in the coming months. Below are some tips for keeping your home warm during winter without spending a lot of money and time installing heaters and cavity walls insulation.

Insulating Paint -- You can purchase thermal insulating paints or mix the thermal powder with the typical liquid paint. NASA developed the science behind this insulating technology. When applied to a surface, the molecules in the paint form a strong bond by packing tightly, thus creating a thermal barrier that retains heat. While this redecoration will improve your home's ability to retain heat, the retention is not on a large scale.

Thermal Wallpaper -- Your house loses most of the heat through the walls. Reducing this loss will keep your bills low and your house warm. The insulating wallpaper has a thickness of at least 4mm compared to the standard internal insulation that has a thickness of 100mm. However, the insulating paper has tightly interlinked fibres that help it match the traditional internal insulation mechanism. Another advantage of this wallpaper is that it does not reduce the size of the room. The thermal wallpaper is also cheaper than the conventional insulation system. Positive reviews from customers suggest that this technology might be worth a try.

Double-lined Door and Window Coverings -- Older homes can allow cold air to seep into your home through windows and doors. The warm air in the house can also be lost in the process due to poor insulation. Without spending a fortune replacing these windows and doors, you can use coverings such as drapes, curtains, and sheers to enhance your room's heat retention capacity. Thick thermal curtains diminish the degree of heat exchange between the interior and the exterior of your house. Combine these coverings for maximum and less costly heat retention in your home.   

Wall Hangings -- Wall hangings offer a stylish finish to your home. Apart from their aesthetic value, they can give you a psychological feeling of warmth. The wall hangings won't physically insulate the room but will create an illusion of warmth. Sometimes feeling cold and warm is more mental than physical. Therefore wall hangings can give you that psychological edge needed to fight the biting cold.