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The Key Ingredient To Any Long Lasting Deck

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Australia is a beautiful country renowned for its amazing vistas and mostly comfortable climate. This has led to a very strong outdoor culture which has seeped into the lives of almost every homeowner in the form of immaculate gardens, outdoor living spaces and expansive decks. Popular in backyards across the country, decks are one of the most common features in any house and provide a natural but comfortable way to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. However, unlike other materials used in construction, wooden decks require a little bit of maintenance after they are installed to ensure they don't deteriorate. 

Decking Oils 

The key ingredient when it comes to maintaining an impressive and authentic looking deck is through the use of decking oils. There are other coating options out there for decks, most notably staining, but these alter the original look of the timber to the point where you ask yourself why you even bothered getting that type of deck in the first place. Decking oils retain the original look of the lumber much better than staining does, while also providing adequate protection from the different seasons that Australia goes through. When choosing from decking oils, you generally have two main options, and they are discussed below. No matter what type of oil you use remember that this is not a permanent solution: you will need to re-apply decking oils every 12-24 months (check the instructions on the oil you eventually choose). 

Water-Based Decking Oils

Water-based decking oils give you the most natural looking wood possible while still giving you very strong protection from exposure and dust. Water-based oils work by creating a very thin layer of transparent oil that sits on top of your deck and keeps different elements from infiltrating the wooden pores. This stops the wood from degrading but also doesn't change the colour of the wood because, as mentioned, it sits on top of the surface. This type of oil is best when your deck is slightly in the shade or has a bit of cover, as its effects generally fade quicker than non-water based decking oils. 

Non-water Based Decking Oils

A very broad category, non-water based decking oils work by seeping into the wood and filling the gaps so that other, more destructive things like water and dirt cannot get in. Non-water based decking oils generally take a little bit longer to apply, as they have to fully penetrate the wood, and can slightly change the colour of the timber to a more darker looking finish. None-the-less, the visual effect of this is much less than it would be with staining or painting.