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Top 4 Glaring Signs that you Need to Repaint your Commercial Premises

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A professionally done commercial painting job will last longer, and it will be years before you have to schedule a repainting. First impressions are especially important in commercial settings, which is why you should make no delays in scheduling commercial repainting when the time comes.

However long it may be since you painted your business, you will need to be on the lookout for signs that you need to repaint. Among these hard-to-miss signs include the following.

Chipping and Peeling Paint

Paint coats can begin to flake, chip or peel because of any one of various reasons. Improper and inadequate surface preparation before applying the paint is the likely culprit. Not allowing adequate drying time between applying the coats is another reason for this. Lastly, is the use of low-quality paint with inferior adhesive properties.

Whatever the reason, you will want to make sure that you hire expert commercial painters that will not make the same mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, your commercial repainting job will hold up for much longer.

Paint Chalking

All paints do, at some point, start to chalk. It is how the paint film wears following long-term exposure to UV-rays and moisture. The severity of the chalking can range from mild to severe, but whatever the degree of the chalking, professional commercial painters will start by removing the residue before repainting. Sandblasting, wire-brushing, and pressure-washing are the three main methods used for this purpose.

Bubbling or Blistering

This type of paint blemish appears when there is little adhesion between the paint film and the walls or ceiling. Bubbling happens when air pockets get trapped under the film of paint, as a result of water or heat, or both. Either way, blistering is a clear sign that it is time for commercial repainting.

Mould and Mildew

Dark stains and spots on your surfaces as a result of mould and mildew growth is yet another glaring sign you cannot miss. Not only are these spots unsightly, but the presence of mould and mildew carries health risks to which you wouldn't want to expose yourself, your staff, customers, and other stakeholders. Most commercial painters also offer mould removal services, in addition to using mould-killing, fungicidal coatings to prevent the same problem in the future.

The highlighted signs will tell you when it is time to repaint. To get value for your money, and avoid having to repaint so soon after the painting job, trust only highly trained and experienced specialist commercial painters. 

For more information on commercial painting, reach out to a painting service.