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Questions to Ask a Domestic Plasterer Before Work Begins

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Plastering is a type of construction process that is used to create walls and ceilings without the use of drywall. Plastering may be recommended for areas with high humidity levels as this process may stand up to moisture and potential rot and mildew better than products with paper. It can also be applied with a custom look or finish, so that walls are textured if you prefer. When you’re ready to hire a domestic plasterer like JDP Interior Linings to begin work on your home, note a few questions to consider first. Read More»

Best Waterproof Sealer For Concrete Surfaces

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The risk of water/moisture damage on concrete surfaces is a constant threat in the commercial setting. In order to prevent moisture damage and to avoid the expense that is water damage restoration, commercial entities need to invest in the right type of waterproofing sealers for concrete surfaces around the premises. Understanding the available types of waterproof concrete sealers is essential in making the right choice of sealer. Here is a comparison of various types of concrete waterproofing sealers for commercial entities looking to fight moisture damage within their premises. Read More»