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Tips for DIY Residential Painting

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If you are looking to freshen up the appearance of your residence, one of the easiest ways to give it a facelift would be by opting to paint it. However, some homeowners have found out the hard way that DIY residential painting may not be as easy it as it may seem. Without knowing how best to go about it, you may find yourself having to apply endless coats of paint to reach your desired finish and be left dealing with a splattered mess of paint. Read More»

Four Tips for Keeping Your House Warmer by Redecorating

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When temperatures drop rapidly signaling the onset of the winter season, your home is the best refuge. If it is also freezing inside your house, the last thing you want to hear is forecast reports predicting that the weather conditions will get worse in the coming months. Below are some tips for keeping your home warm during winter without spending a lot of money and time installing heaters and cavity walls insulation. Read More»

How to Convert Your Spare Bedroom Into a Craft Room

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If you’re into your arts and crafts, your home will no doubt be teeming with different supplies and materials for use in your various projects. Even if you have a place for them now, a craft-lovers collection will continue to grow and pretty soon, you’ll want to display them proudly (and have a place other than the dining room table to work on projects!). If any of this sounds familiar, you need a craft room and pronto. Read More»

Three ways to ensure your decorating project goes smoothly

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The idea of transforming a drab-looking space into one which is ideally suited to your aesthetic tastes and everyday requirements is an exciting prospect. However, decorating can be quite a stressful process; making decisions about colours, lighting, fabrics and flooring, hiring a decorating team and trying to carry on with your daily routine when your home is in disarray can agitate even the most laid-back of people. Here are some steps you can take to ensure this experience goes off without a hitch. Read More»